February Recent Reads

Taking a leaf out of my mate Nathan’s book, here are some articles I’ve been reading of late:

Nadal vs. Djokovic: Here We Are Again, My Friend

Brian Phillips on “the epic warfare of tennis’ big three”. It’s hard to believe it can get much better than the final of this year’s Australian Open.

A man, a ball, a hoop, a bench (and an alleged thread)

How a small but beautiful trick illuminates the mind of a master magician: Teller.

Funny money

How counterfeiting led to a major overhaul of Canada’s money and how Australia was forced to lead the way in anti-counterfeit technology.

Rebecca Coriam: lost at sea

If the Costa Concordia disaster isn’t enough to put you off a cruise, this article about mysterious disappearances on ships in the last decade will be.

The Book of Jobs

Or, “A Banking System is Supposed to Serve Society, Not the Other Way Around”.